Why Xero?

What is Xero you may ask? It's beautiful accounting software at your fingertips and in the "cloud". We have become a Xero Certfied Partner because of our belief that it's the best accounting solution for small business today. Here is why:

1. Automated daily bank feeds - Login your banking credentials via Xero and it will automatically import daily banking transactions in order to to code for easy bank reconciliation and real-time cash flow reporting. Know where you stand right away

2. Fast, simple and customized invoicing - Create and send professional invoices automatically and get paid online via  credit card or paypal.  

3. Available anytime, anywhere you’re online - Just login anywhere you have internet access. 

4. Real-time collaboration with us, your advisors - You can send messages, questions, or comments to us directly through the Xero platform. Xero can be a secure place for us to share and collaborate information related to your financial data in order to increase efficiency and help you make pertinent decisions promptly. 

5. Safe and secure - Xero's hosting and service delivery infrastructure ensures the highest level of security. Xero continously evaluates their security policies and procedures. 

6. Smart reports with links to source transactions - Click on a specific account in a report, and it will take you to the detailed list of transactions for the specified period. It's just that simple. 

7. Dashboard gives a clear financial overview - Dashboards appear on your Xero home page and may be modified in order to give you an overview of the most important factors that drive your business.  

8. Awesome support at no additional cost - Have a question? You can drop us a note, or send a message to Xero's customer support team. You can expect a response within 24 hours, no matter which option you choose.  

9. No installation or IT maintenance required - Have you ever run into problems installing or upgrading accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Peachtree? No need to invest cost and time to upgrade your servers, desktops, or laptops in order to use Xero. All you need is internet access. 

10. Pay as you go and no up-front costs - Xero's monthly cost is embedded in our fee due to the discounts we receive as a Xero Certified Partner. If for some reason, you are not happy with Xero, you can give us a call, and we will transition you away from the platform at no cost. 

11. Use Xero on a multitude of devices - Not only can you access Xero from your desktop or laptop, but there are also IPad and Android apps, which allow you to work via your smart phone or Apple device. Click here to see Xero Touch for Apple and Android Devices!

We offer our clients the full range of Xero services, including set-up, training and ongoing support. 

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